Spinal Reflexology

In Spinal Reflexology simple pressure and balancing techniques are used to re-balance the body.Picture of the spine with back transporter points

A combination of light and firm pressure is applied to 12 Acu-points on either side of the spine. These Acu-points correspond to 12 Meridians and are known as the Back Transporting Points (BTP’s). The Acu-points are places on the Meridians that when manipulated have a profound effect on the Qi flow in the whole of that Meridian.

What to expect in a treatment?

During a Spinal Reflexology treatment you lie face down on a massage couch, with your top removed. The use of a massage balm will help to perform some massage techniques to warm and relax the muscles. Then gentle pressure is applied to manipulate the Acu-points. 

The aim of the treatment is to re-balance and is gentle. Some pressure might be applied to the massage techniques, this can be helpful for loosening up the muscles on either side of the spine.


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